Trish Marsh takes over as Green Group Leader on Herefordshire Council

Herefordshire’s “outstanding” natural environment should be at the heart of its plans for the future says the new leader of the Green Party group on Herefordshire Council.

Councillor Trish Marsh is taking on the role while the current leader, Jenny Bartlett, serves as the Mayor of Leominster for the coming year.

“Jenny will be busy keeping up her council commitments plus the extra responsibility of being mayor so I am very happy to help by stepping in as Green group leader,” she said.

A former environmental team officer with Herefordshire Council, Trish Marsh is a member of Leominster Town Council and the Herefordshire councillor for Leominster South.

“My aim is to work hard for cross-party co-operation to get the best results for Herefordshire,” said Cllr Marsh, one of four Greens on the council. “We believe Herefordshire’s outstanding natural environment should be at the heart of the council’s long term vision and the county’s USP.

“We want to see social and environmental goals for our beautiful rural county included alongside and integrated with economic growth goals, not just mentioned in passing.

“On the question of how the council operates we need greater transparency, fewer cabinet diktats and the empowerment of ordinary ward councillors of all parties to enable them to do their jobs more effectively.”


  1. Tremendous news that Trish Marsh is an elected Councillor. I wish her the very best, vim and vigour in this vital role. Trish was a stalwart when I headed up the county Environmental Partnership within the Local Strategic Partnership under Labour central gov’t . Please pass this message to her.

    1. Hi mark. We are in Woolhope the other day and I was thinking of you and wondering if you’re still there. Hope things are good for you.
      Ellie is now leader and will be excellent. Forming an administration may take a little while – 50% new councillors and much wider representation across parties produce some challenges. Hope to hear from you- would be handier.
      Any suggestions on sorting out climate breakdown &/or ecological collapse locally most welcome!

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