The Brexit Car Crash: what did you do?

If the driver of your car was behaving erratically and endangering you both, and after discussion had refused to change course, would you accept that ‘decision’, or keep arguing that they should slow down?

Brexit is a complete and utter car crash for the country I love and for my children especially, who now face a much harder life than I have had so far as a result. So how dare anyone say I or other ‘Remainers’ should shut up and accept the decision? As it becomes increasingly clear how this is a catastrophic act of national self-harm, surely there is time for us to look at the clear evidence and change our national mind? And even if not, in a democracy, surely we have the right to argue for it? Democracy is not the same as mob rule, and MPs are elected not to follow the mob but to act in the national interest. They are democratically elected representatives, not delegates.

As it becomes clear how much damage Brexit is already doing to us, when we should be focussed on climate change, our NHS and poverty – and part of a secure Europe in an unstable world – Nigel Farage threatens to move to the States after ‘taking back control’! There is still time to change our minds, and we should.

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