BGC | Sixth Form Election Report

Don’t forget – Greens and other Sixth Form students are coming to share what they learnt during their mock election and what’s important to young people right now in politics. We might start with ‘WHY CAN’T I VOTE?’. Big Green Conversation at De Koffie Pot, 7 for 7.30pm on Wednesday 26th.

Whatever your political affiliation, come and listen, share, and be inspired with the hopes of a new generation as we move into the most significant General Election in years.

Big Green Conversations take place every 4th Wednesday of the month. They are participatory and sociable and everyone is welcome. It’s not a lecture, nor a debate as such, but a discussion and time to listen to others too.

Student Infofest

Infofest at the Colleges in Hereford gave us an opportunity to run a stall at which we encouraged students to register to vote and to start thinking about politics and what the Green Party stands for. About a dozen were interested enough to leave their contact details and we will be following up with them to see if they can be persuaded to build a greater Young Greens presence in the county.