March For Europe

Greens are opposed to the ‘hard’ Brexit being pursued, we think recklessly, by Theresa May. We think this will damage the economy, makes Britain a more backward and inward looking nation, and wastes valuable time and resources when we should be focussed on much more pressing emergencies. We do not think most Leave voters wanted to pull out of the single market (in fact Leave politicians stated this would not happen), nor see EU and British citizens used as bargaining chips in negotiations.

It is also dangerous to sideline parliament in its crucial role of scrutinising the process and the outcome. Democracy is not a single event on the 23rd June 2017 after which we abandon power to an unelected prime minister to do whatever she wants. This is totalitarianism and un-British. We voted by a narrow margin to leave – we have not voted on where we want to go. Our MPs not only have the right, they also have a duty we gave them when elected to ensure decisions made in our name are good ones.

We are therefore happy to promote the March for Europe on 25th March which is being attended by the Herefordshire in Europe group who would be keen to welcome more locals aboard! There is a Facebook Group here, and you can contact the organiser, Polly Ernest, here.


Unite for Europe

A new group called 48% Herefordshire in Europe is meeting regularly on Monday nights 6 – 7.15 ish at The Courtyard, Hereford.
Currently, the biggest thing to plan for is going to The Unite For Europe March on March 25th. We need to be out in force. At the moment it seems people would like to organise own transport / trains. So unless someone has urge to organise a mini bus, then let’s see each other there. As many as possible and hopefully with children.
Having attended The One Day Without Us event in High Town last night and having previously stood almost alone on Feb 1st infront of Houses of Parliament , I have to say direct action is life affirming.
The other thing is that we been asked if we would like to become a European Movement affiliate group. If you have a view, or want to see EM affiliation documents then email me For more news and support join our FB Group Herefordshire in Europe or come to The Courtyard on Mondays.