Potholes and other road issues

Potholes and other road-related issues are high up my list of priorities at the moment, as residents often contact me about them. I have to admit I’m rather frustrated that we still don’t have a Balfour Beatty (BBLP) locality steward for the ward – I’ve got an ever-growing list of issues to take up with the new person as soon as s/he is in post, which BBLP assure me will be in mid-February. In fact, wouldn’t it be simpler all round if it was Council staff doing the work, rather than it being outsourced to BBLP? The collapse of Carillion has sparked a long-overdue debate about the pros and cons of contracting out; personally I’d much prefer the Council to be running its own highways services in-house, as I’m sure the extra layers of management and contract supervision mean that contracted-out highways services are more expensive and less responsive…

Anyway. One very practical and useful thing that we can all do is report potholes and other roads issues to the Council via this web page (which also shows you if it has already been reported). You can also use this pothole and road defect progress map to see which issues are currently being addressed. So please, if you notice a pothole, help us all out and report it online – and I’ll make it my business to chase BBLP up. Thank you!


  1. Dear Ellie,
    Congratulations with getting in. We were very pleased with your winning result.
    We live at the Acton Green Cross Roads. We have been here 9 years and in that time have been navigating potholes. Damaging our cars etc. The stretch of road from Sevington, where Guy Woodford lives up to the cross roads of Acton Green has pot holes that are taken up the entirety of the road. Once a year they get patched up and within weeks they re appear. I have reported it. Other neighbours have. Other stretches of road before Sevington and Acton Green have been resurfaced effectively. But somehow the 3/4 of mile stretch between Acton Green and Sevington has not. Some action is needed and feedback would be great. I hope this finds you well.
    Kind Regards
    N Taylor

  2. Thanks Nicole/Nam for your comment. I completely sympathise. I’ve actually just arranged to do a ‘ward tour’ next Monday with our new BBLP Locality Steward, Paul Hunter, and I will put this on the list of places to visit so that we can take a look in person and try to make sure that it gets actioned properly i.e. repaired in a way that actually lasts. I’ll follow up with you directly via email once we’ve done the inspection. All the best, Ellie

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