It’s Our County supports Ellie Chowns in Bishops Frome and Cradley by-election

Good news!  The press release below from IOC confirms they are standing aside in favour of Ellie Chowns.

Ellie contested the seat in May 2015, the sole challenger to Conservative Patricia Morgan, and captured 31% of the vote. This time both Labour and Lib Dems are also standing, but they have a poor record in recent by-elections (last and last-but-one in King’s Acre, and last in Golden Valley South).

Ellie is the only viable non-Tory candidate.


It’s Our County supports Ellie Chowns in council by-election

It’s Our County, Herefordshire’s own independent party, is not standing a candidate in the Bishops Frome and Cradley by-election. IOC believes that Ellie Chowns is an impressive and very capable candidate.  

“We do not want to risk splitting the vote for Ellie by standing one of our own prospective candidates in the ward. For the same reason, IOC also didn’t stand a candidate against Peter Jinman in the recent by-election in Golden Valley South, which Peter won with a large majority,” said group leader Cllr Anthony Powers. “It makes sense for the opposition parties on Herefordshire Council to work together in this way and we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to consensus politics to deliver the best outcomes for Herefordshire,” he added.

Cllr Felicity Norman, chairwoman of North Herefordshire Green Party, said: “We warmly welcome IOC support for Ellie Chowns. This is in line with our view that like-minded campaigners need to work together whenever possible.”

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