Herefordshire Council votes unanimously for green vision!

Ellie Chowns wins cross-party support for proposal setting out green principles for £40 million investment

On 13 July 2018 Herefordshire County Councillors voted unanimously in favour of Ellie’s motion for a ‘Sustainable Development Partnership’. The decision shapes the strategic direction of £40 million of Council investment in new housing and industrial sites – the biggest item in the capital budget for the next two years. New buildings will have to be energy and water efficient, which will help make them more affordable. Residents will have access to green space, and developments will be ‘wildlife-friendly’. Local businesses will be prioritised for contracts, and walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing will be encouraged. This is a significant win!

Ellie said: “This investment is a major opportunity to shape the strategic direction of the county, so we must make the best possible use of it. I’m delighted to get cross-party support for green principles to underpin the new development. I’ll be working hard to make sure these principles are now put into practice!

In moving the motion Ellie made the following points:

  • The motion was a cross-party initiative to help shape the direction of development in the The motion provided a framework for development to follow;
  • The motion built on an earlier motion to Council in 2014;
  • Consultation had been conducted with officers and other members; and
  • the inclusion of additional wording ‘…development designed and constructed through…’ in place of ‘…housing built through…’; and an additional bullet point, as follows: ‘designed to promote walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.’

The motion as resolved:

Motion – Development Partnership
(Proposed by Councillor EE Chowns, Seconded by Councillor SP Anderson. )

Noting that Herefordshire Council has recently mobilised a large amount of capital from the sale of its farm estate, and plans to invest this in a ‘Development Partnership’ which will significantly shape the growth and development of the county, we call on the council to resolve:

That the Development Partnership should be designed to be a Sustainable Development Partnership, with equal consideration given to social, environmental, and economic dimensions of planned development.
That the executive be asked to consider ensuring that all development designed and constructed through the Development Partnership should be:
  • planned to maximise residents’ health and wellbeing, including through shared green space and opportunities for outdoor exercise and social interaction, with maintenance thereof;
  • built to the highest possible standards of energy and water efficiency in order to ensure affordability for residents and low environmental impact;
  • sourced using local procurement wherever possible, in order to maximise local economic benefit and employment opportunities;
  • designed to support and enhance wildlife habitats, in line with Herefordshire’s identity as a beautiful rural county; and
  • designed to promote walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.


  1. Very good. Will it affect the proposed development at Barons Cross in Leominster which has almost none of these aims ?
    Anne A

  2. I am pleased to see that in a number of areas the Greens are working on cross-party initiatives to get support. Bringing together support for ideas that will provide benefits to all and will also improve the environment is a foundation stone for improving the Green Party and increasing membership.

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