Herefordshire Badger Vaccination Group – help needed

Herefordshire Badger Vaccination Group needs more activists.

Many core members are getting older, and lugging heavy cages about and turning up at the crack of dawn to check them for badgers is not as easy as it used to be! We are looking for people who support this alternative to culling to help with bait setting, setting out and retrieving cages, checking them for inhabitants and assisting Melinda while she does the vaccinating (you will NOT have to do any vaccinating yourself).

If you are over 18, reasonably physically fit, can drive (ideally, but this is not essential) are willing to help with some or all of the tasks described and are able to offer a few hours a day for a week or so during the months of May, June and August next year, please get in touch. If you think you might be willing to train as a vaccinator, this would be particularly welcome. Melinda is our only qualified vaccinator and she has not been in good health. She is very keen to find people to help her and to take over if she is unable to carry on or manage all the work herself.

Just to be clear, this is for love, not money, nobody in the group is paid and we fund raise for all our costs (sound familiar ?).

Please contact Anne on 07854 316227 or email to find out more if you think you might be able to help, even for just a few days. If you are unable to offer time, but would like to make a donation towards the cost of vaccine, (it is currently £47 per Badger!) that would be very welcome too. Thank you!

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