Hereford Transport Package consultation – ending soon (20 March)

The consultation closes on Tuesday 20th March.

An exhibition of bypass routes and possible improvements to support for cycling, walking and public transport will be open at Hereford Library on Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Monday 19th March

Background information about the Bypass, and an on-line consultation response form is on the Council website here.

If you are opposed to the bypass, which is the main part of this package, we ask that you consider carefully how to answer questions 2 and 3. There is a risk that if you answer “No Preference” to Q3, it will be taken to mean you are happy with any of the proposed routes.

If you do not think there should be a Western Bypass we suggest you may wish to complete the form as shown below.


  1. Thank you. I find form filling daunting and so have not yet been to our library but I have seen a copy of Herefordshire Council’s glossy, expensive paperwork on this complicated question of whether or not Hereford should have a by-pass.

    I ask ‘Why Now’? Why are Herefordshire Council in a hurry when so much that really could benefit Hereford City and our county generally is put on the back burner?

    Can the consultation time be extended please, the options seem to be many and varied and I feel sorry for residents over the delay of informative letter postings!

  2. Thanks Teresa, we agree, the consultation time is rather short for such a complex issue. But sorry, it’s not in our power to get the time extended.

    If you are not able to get to the Library soon, you can view the consultation papers on line at, where you can also complete the survey form, or alternatively
    you can print off the survey form and return it to this Freepost address:

    FREEPOST:RTHL-BBZH-JATH (Hereford Consultation), Balfour Beatty Living Places, Unit 3, Thorn Business Park, HEREFORD HR2 6JT

  3. I have just completed my response to the ‘consultation’ online and wish to share here one of my responses and insights.

    In a ‘comments’ box about reasons for travelling, I wrote:
    None of the above ‘tick boxes’ recognise the value of family and community participation.
    In a county where many people do not have such participations built into their life structure, that indicates to me the gulf between the ‘consultation’s’ devisers and an informed sense of ‘community’.

      1. In retrospect, due to the fact that the poser of questions to some extent constrains the potential replies, I forgot about referring in my ‘consultation’ response, to rail transport as an alternative to road transport of goods to shops.

        Perhaps HCC should consider the full ‘product journey cycle’ of our shopping items into our homes?

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