11 October. Hereford and South Herefordshire Green Party AGM

Hereford and South Herefordshire Green Party

Annual General Meeting 7.30, 11 October 2017 at De Koffie Pot, Hereford Left Bank, Bridge Street, HR4 9DG



Guest Speaker

Ben Boswell (Herefordshire Council Energy and Active Travel Manager) will talk about the Council’s work to reduce carbon emissions and to promote ‘active travel’ and electric vehicles.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of AGM meeting held on 15 September 2016
  3. Matters arising
  4. Chair’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Reports from other officers
  7. Election of officers: chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, membership officer, nominating officer, local party contact, campaigns co-ordinator, press officer, communications officer, fundraising officer, ward development officer, social media officer, Big Green Conversations co-ordinator, young Green representative
  8. Agreement of bank signatories
  9. Strategy & goals for forthcoming year
  10. Date of next AGM
  11. Date of next business meeting – Tuesday 14 November 19.30. Location to be confirmed.
  12. Date of next Big Green Conversation – Wednesday 25 October at De Koffie Pot
  13. Any other business
  14. Close 9.00pm

One comment

  1. I’m sorry for the late notice, but I wish to draw attention to proposed ‘full roll-out’ of Universal Credit to Hereford, schedule for March 2018 as indicated at https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guides/Universal-Credit-timetable/Universal-Credit-(UC)-roll-out-2018

    NUJ member and blogger Kate Belgrave | Talking with people dealing with public sector cuts highlights the fact that ‘advance payments’ for people awaiting Universal Credit payments are repayable loans made out to people in poverty, forcing them into greater poverty: Universal Credit advance payments fix nothing. They’re just loans – and ANOTHER debt for people who have no money. I believe that the delays are deliberate and that the ‘advance payments’ as repayable loans are actually part of a ‘disaster capitalism’ endgame, along with the call-centre charges to DWP ‘help lines’ charged at £33 per hour.

    Meanwhile, I have heard via a discussion at Hereford Quaker Meeting, that a large portion of users of the Hereford Food Bank that is run by Hereford Cathedral use the Food Bank because of benefit delays. This matter is of particular concern to me because my claim is likely to be affected; I would also point out though that as Universal Credit includes a housing component element, a DWP covert agenda may well include rolling Universal Credit out to pensioners too, and Herefordshire is an area where there are a lot of pensioners.

    Alan Wheatley
    New to Hereford & Herefordshire Green Party, but co-author with Anne Gray of Haringey Green Party, of Writing off workfare:For a Green New Deal, not the Flexible New Deal (published 2008)

    I also blog occasionally still for Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group’s ‘Kwug Blog’

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