Greens progress in Golden Valley by-election

Jeremy Milln polled 10% of the vote in the 7th September by-election and came fourth, beating Labour. Conservatives slumped from 1364 votes in 2015 (66% of the vote) to 254 (24%).

Jeremy said,

“To everyone who voted (or considered voting) Green at the Golden Valley South by-election on the 7th September thank you. We did well, more than doubling the Green Party vote share since the June General Election (this constituency) beating Labour, whose share fell to less than half.

It’s a huge ward and slow going by foot and bicycle, so apologies to those whom I failed to meet. Cheers to everyone who I did, for my reception was always gracious and patient. The Green Party stands for fairness, neighbourliness and community; the ingredients of social justice. And also for intelligent stewardship of our environmental capital so that livelihoods may be sustained and the special qualities of this beautiful area are understood and cared for.

In Peter Jinman, an able representative on Hereford Council has been elected and am happy to congratulate him on the achievement. As an adviser to the present government Jinman apparently declined an approach to stand for the Conservatives, leaving us to wonder where, as an ‘Independent’, his leanings may lie. I urge him therefore to support the Green group on the Council and to allow its principles to guide his oversight of the Neighbourhood Plans produced recently by the four parish groups of the Ward.”

Full results:

Sept 2017

Peter Charles Jinman, Independent 462 votes

Cole, Simeon Wood Cole, Conservative 254 votes

Richard Baker Independent 152 votes

Jeremy James Milln, Green 109 votes

Anna-Maria Coda, Labour 104 votes


May 2015

Graham John Powell, Conservative 1364

Jessica Louise Smith, Green 357

Ellen Louise Pawley, Independent 351

TOTAL VOTES CAST 2072, TURNOUT 79% (coincided with General Election)







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