Dr. Ellie Chowns: the natural alternative to the Conservatives in North Herefordshire

Ellie is the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for North Herefordshire in the 2019 General Election.  She’s local, energetic, and principled – and she’s determined to challenge the Conservatives on their damaging cuts, their disastrous inaction on climate change and their plan for a risky hard Brexit.

Ellie is the first Green Party MEP in the West Midlands, and is a twice-elected Herefordshire Councillor – so she knows how to win elections!

She writes: –

“I’m delighted to be the Green candidate for North Herefordshire.  It’s time for change!  The old political system is broken, and we need some fresh Green thinking. I’m standing because I believe North Herefordshire deserves better. We need an energetic MP with strong local roots, strong principles – and a record of getting things done.

I’m proud to have served my local community as a Councillor and as an MEP.  But I know that the big decisions that shape the future of this country are made in Westminster.

If we want to change politics in the UK, we have to change our government. Bill Wiggin has been the Conservative MP for this area for 18 years, but he’s failed to represent us effectively.  It’s clearly time for change – and with my record of winning elections I’m the best-placed candidate to challenge the Tories here.

Greens success in Herefordshire proves our positive and practical ideas appeal to people across the political spectrum. We lead the political fight against climate change. We’re clearly and strongly pro-Europe. And we’ve always worked for a fairer Britain.

I love Herefordshire.  I live near Ledbury, and brought up my family here. I’ve spent 20 years working in charities (including VSO, Christian Aid, Concern Universal, and Friends of the Earth) and education (including teaching at the University of Birmingham). Locally, I’ve been a school governor and Home-Start volunteer.  I’ve also volunteered in East London tackling fuel poverty, and in Northern Uganda supporting peace-building. I’ve come to realise that to make change happen, you also have to engage in politics.”

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  • Biography

    Ellie lives in the constituency at Canon Frome near Ledbury, on an organic farm and is Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands.  She worked in Hereford for many years for a local charity, and she’s also volunteered locally as a primary school governor, a Home-Start volunteer, and treasurer of a housing association.  Ellie has spent 20 years working in charities and education, including co-ordinating a group of MPs in Parliament, tackling fuel poverty in East London, and supporting peace-building in Northern Uganda.  She’s also been an academic at the Universities of Birmingham and Sheffield, and she has a PhD in international development.  In her spare time she enjoys gardening, hill-walking, and playing in a local folk band.