Ellie Chowns to stand in Herefordshire Council by-election for Bishop’s Frome & Cradley Ward, November 23

The by-election follows the recent resignation of Conservative Councillor, Patricia Morgan.

Ellie’s message to all ward residents:

*I will back you up at every turn. I have the right skills to serve you well. I have over 20 years of experience in representing people whose voices were not heard when I worked for charities. Our area and its residents should no longer be ignored by our Hereford-centric Council. (The cost of the City Link Road across Hereford has risen from £27 million to £34 million, meanwhile, county services wither!)

* I can win this election. In May 2015 I stood here, in the local elections, as the sole challenger to the Conservative candidate and gained very encouraging vote; 1 resident in 3 voted for me. I have been very touched to receive many local messages of support urging me to “have another go” and I am delighted to accept the challenge. If elected, I will be joining the growing Green Party team on Herefordshire Council, two of whose members were first elected by large majorities in by-elections.

 * I am an independently minded politician. I will not be ‘whipped’ and will be able to vote with your interest in mind. If elected, I will join the (whip-free) Green Party Councillors who have earned a good reputation for working in a civil and co-operative manner and who do not shrink from holding the Council to account. They were the first to shine the spotlight on the appalling sell-off of the county-owned smallholdings and eviction of tenant farmers. The UK Information Commissioner found the Council ignored expert advice and concealed the information from the public.

*I have no vested interests other than those of a parent and rural resident who dearly wants to help protect and care for our beautiful county of Herefordshire .

I worked alongside Patricia Morgan as a Governor at Ashperton School and would like to wish her well and to pay credit to her personally and for her dedicated work as ward Councillor. Sadly, she was part of a Conservative administration that has let us down.

Local residents and business owners are rightly furious over the farce of the A4103 road closures. Coming so soon after the scandal of the £1 million overspend in refurbishing the Blueschool House council offices, it is further evidence that the Council needs to be held to account and hear the voices of all its residents.

If elected I pledge to work with all others of goodwill to provide a better choice in Local Government for the people of Herefordshire. In the meantime, I am very happy to hear from residents on local issues.


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