North Herefordshire Green Party selected Ellie Chowns as its prospective parliamentary candidate at a constituency meeting in Leominster last week.

Dr Chowns, of Canon Frome near Ledbury, the mother of two teenage sons, first contested the North Herefordshire seat for the Greens at the 2017 general election. Later the same year she won a Herefordshire Council by-election with a large majority in the formerly safe Conservative ward of Bishops Frome & Cradley.

She told her selection meeting: “I pledge to work with all others of goodwill to build an alternative to the old-style politics that has failed us all. Politics today alternates between stalemate and crisis due to selfish agendas and short-sightedness.

“We need to look to the future and think about what sort of world we want to create for today’s young people. That means building a sustainable, locally-rooted economy that provides decent jobs and homes for all, and helps small businesses thrive.

“It means creating a fair society and strong communities, with proper investment in the NHS, education, social care and public transport. And it means protecting the environment on which we all ultimately depend.”

Dr Chowns added: “The Green Party offers a fresh, honest approach to politics: principled opposition, constructive solutions, and a willingness to look for common ground. In these times of upheaval, more Green voices of reason are needed at all levels.”

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