Ellie Chowns – Councillor induction completed

Other news from the past week: I’ve completed my official induction – lots of useful briefing meetings with officers from all parts of the council, although rather surprisingly not with anyone from Highways, which is one of the issues that ward residents contact me about most often. So, I’ve arranged my own meeting with the head of Highways this coming Friday.
I’m very much hoping that Balfour Beatty will appoint a new Locality Steward for our ward ASAP (I do keep on asking them about this…) It’s somewhat frustrating that we don’t have one in place at the moment, as it makes it that bit harder to make progress on addressing some of the highways issues that are coming up.
Tomorrow I’ll be attending a lecture at the Hfds and Ludlow College on ‘Hospitals and home: Good health care in Herefordshire’ (part of my developing interest in social care), and then going to the Cradley Parish Council meeting. I’m looking forward to meeting all the newly-elected parish councillors, and very much hoping that the PC will be able to move forward all together, leaving past divisions behind.
Later in the week I’ll be attending the Adults and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee meeting (again, as an observer, part of learning more about the sector), and on Friday it’s my first full Council meeting. So there’s lots to read…

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