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Herefordshire Green Party is absolutely delighted that Ellie Chowns has been elected as the first ever Green MEP for the West Midlands!

Ellie will therefore be stepping back from her roles as Cabinet Member and Leader of the Green Group on Herefordshire Council with immediate effect.  Ellie’s deputy Cllr Trish Marsh will take her place in both roles, as per arrangements already agreed with the Leader of the Council, the Cabinet, and the rest of the Green Group.  Ellie will continue to serve as the Ward Member for Bishops Frome and Cradley.

Ellie said ’The Green Party’s success in this European election shows that the people of the West Midlands want something new – a positive alternative to the broken politics of the past.  That’s also what Herefordshire voted for three weeks ago, when the Conservative stranglehold on local politics was broken.  I’m proud to have been part of negotiating the new cross-party administration in Herefordshire.  I know Trish will do a brilliant job as Leader of the Green Group and as Cabinet Member for Economy and Communications, and I’m grateful to her – and all my colleagues – for their support’.

Trish said ‘Ellie’s election as MEP follows on from fantastic Green success in the recent local elections.  Here in Herefordshire, we are delighted to have formed a cross-party administration together with the Herefordshire Independents Group and It’s Our County.  This kind of co-operation is the politics of the future.  I very much look forward to serving in the Cabinet and helping to build a better, fairer and greener Herefordshire’.

May 2019 County Council Elections – RESULTS

Here are the results for Green Party candidates standing in the County Council election.

We stood in 12 wards (out of 52) and received a total of 6652 votes out of 50543 across the County = 13.2%. We had the third highest vote share behind Conservatives who stood in every ward and Independents who stood in 25 wards.

Our targetting of wards was very effective. Measured by votes per ward contested, we were the most successful party:

  • Greens 554 votes per ward
  • Independents 503
  • It’s Our County 438
  • Conservatives 331
  • Lib Dem 264
  • Other 247
  • Labour 192
  • UKIP 137

The full results for all 52 wards are available as a pdf on the Herefordshire Council website here

TONI FAGAN, Birch – ELECTED with 64% of the vote

Election addressBirch ward map

ELLIE CHOWNS, Bishops Frome & Cradley – ELECTED with 79% of the vote

Election addressBishops Frome & Cradley ward map.

JEREMY MILLN, Hereford Central – ELECTED with 54% of the vote

Election address Central ward map

DIANA TOYNBEE, Hereford Greyfriars – ELECTED with 53% of the vote

Election address Greyfriars ward map

JENNY BARTLETT, Leominster East – ELECTED with 72% of the vote

Election address Leominster East ward map

TESSA SMITH WINNARD, Leominster North & Rural – SECOND with 36% of the vote

Election addressLeominster North ward map

TRISH MARSH, Leominster South – ELECTED with 73% of the vote

Election addressLeominster South ward map

FELICITY NORMAN, Leominster West – ELECTED with 73% of the vote

Election addressLeominster West ward map

MAGGIE SETTERFIELD, Llangarron – SECOND with 46% of the vote

Election addressLlangarron ward map

ROB PALGRAVE, Old Gore – SECOND with 42% of the vote

Election addressOld Gore ward map

REBECCA TULLY, Three Crosses – SECOND with 38% of the vote

Election addressThree Crosses ward map

CAROLE PROTHEROUGH, Wormside – SECOND with 39% of the vote

Election address Wormside ward map.

LOCAL ELECTION UPDATE – Don’t Lose your vote!

Below are the key dates for the local elections in Herefordshire this May.

If you are going to be away on polling day or can’t get to your polling station during opening hours, you can arrange a postal vote, or a proxy vote by applying to Herefordshire Council. Detailed instructions on how to arrange postal and proxy voting are here

Help is available here for people with a disability.


Voter Registration application closes: Friday 12 April. Here is all you need to know

Deadline for new postal vote applications and proxy postal applications: 5pm Monday 15 April

Deadline for new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxy):  5pm Wednesday 24 April

First date voters can apply for emergency proxy: 5pm Wednesday 24 April

First date voters can apply for replacement of lost postal votes: 5pm Friday 26 April

POLLING DAY:  7.00am to 10.00pm Thursday 2 May

Last time that voters can apply for a replacement for spoilt or lost postal votes: 5pm Thursday 2 May

Deadline for emergency proxy applications: 5pm Thursday 2 May

Local Election Update

Our new local support worker, Helen, has been busy getting the forward plan for next year’s local elections in place, and coordinating our activities. Helen will be supporting campaigns in all parts of Herefordshire, especially where we have sitting councillors, but also in Hereford where we hope to break through and add to the four already elected.

We have had two Big Days Out in November, one in Ellie’s ward, Bishops Frome & Cradley, and one in Leominster. Both were very well supported with dozens of activists from all parts of the West Midlands arriving to help with a ‘60 second’ residents’ survey and other leafleting. Both very positive days and very heartening to have so much support. Many thanks to all those who came along to help.

The next few months will be busy with plans for delivering a New Year card in early January, a visit from Co-Leader Sian Berry, a newsletter for February, and then newsletter and leaflet delivery in the countdown to the elections in May. We will need lots of help and will be letting everyone know the dates for these activities as soon as possible, so get your diaries out and allocate some time for helping where you can.

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year


Ellie Chowns, the Green Party candidate in the current Herefordshire Council by-election is working hard to reach voters and win back a seat formerly held by the Greens.

Ellie is standing for election at Bishop’s Frome & Cradley, a large rural ward which straddles the A4103 Hereford to Worcester Road around Fromes Hill.

For many years, even before Herefordshire Council was set up, the area was represented by Councillor Guy Woodford, a ‘founding father’ of the Ecology Party/Green Party. In 2007 under the slogan ‘Vote Blue, Get Green’ the Conservatives mounted a successful campaign to unseat Guy.

Guy, 82, who lives in the ward at Acton Beauchamp and teaches art at Malvern Hills College has come out of ‘political retirement’ to help the Green Party regain his old seat.

“Ellie Chowns is like a breath of fresh air,” said Guy. “She is very high energy and in her element when she is talking to residents. She will make an excellent local councillor.”

Said Ellie: “I am really enjoying chatting to voters on the doorstep.  It’s been very encouraging – lots of people of all political backgrounds are planning to vote Green in this election because they like what we stand for!”

Ellie is competing with Tory, Lib Dem and Labour candidates. Polling takes place on Nov 23.


It’s Our County supports Ellie Chowns in Bishops Frome and Cradley by-election

Good news!  The press release below from IOC confirms they are standing aside in favour of Ellie Chowns.

Ellie contested the seat in May 2015, the sole challenger to Conservative Patricia Morgan, and captured 31% of the vote. This time both Labour and Lib Dems are also standing, but they have a poor record in recent by-elections (last and last-but-one in King’s Acre, and last in Golden Valley South).

Ellie is the only viable non-Tory candidate.


It’s Our County supports Ellie Chowns in council by-election

It’s Our County, Herefordshire’s own independent party, is not standing a candidate in the Bishops Frome and Cradley by-election. IOC believes that Ellie Chowns is an impressive and very capable candidate.  

“We do not want to risk splitting the vote for Ellie by standing one of our own prospective candidates in the ward. For the same reason, IOC also didn’t stand a candidate against Peter Jinman in the recent by-election in Golden Valley South, which Peter won with a large majority,” said group leader Cllr Anthony Powers. “It makes sense for the opposition parties on Herefordshire Council to work together in this way and we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to consensus politics to deliver the best outcomes for Herefordshire,” he added.

Cllr Felicity Norman, chairwoman of North Herefordshire Green Party, said: “We warmly welcome IOC support for Ellie Chowns. This is in line with our view that like-minded campaigners need to work together whenever possible.”

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