Brexit and the Environment

Join us for a Big Green Conversation about Europe and the environment with Jill Hanna. Jill has spent many years representing the EU at high-level environmental protection negotiations all over the world, including on reforestation, the safe disposal of chemical waste, and climate change. All welcome!


Big Green Conversations are an informal, relaxed and sociable event to which all are welcome.

Ellie’s campaign gears up

The first 10 days of the campaign have been busy!  I’ve been out campaigning in Ledbury and Leominster during the week, as well as at the Hereford River Carnival, the Spring Greens Fair, and the Big Apple Blossomtime festival over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Meanwhile we’ve designed, printed, and distributed our first leaflets and posters, and made dozens of signboards – which are already being put up by supporters all around the constituency.  Volunteers have phoned all of our local Green Party members, too, mobilising activists.

We’ve got an ever-expanding calendar of campaign events, which you can see here.  There are Campaign Action Days every Saturday all around the constituency:

  • Ledbury: 6 May
  • Leominster: 13 May
  • Kington: 20 May
  • Bromyard: 27 May
  • Ledbury, Leominster and Kington: 3 June

These are a great way to meet fellow Greens locally and help spread the word by working together.  Do get in touch if you can come along and help.

Herefordshire Greens will also be hosting two ‘Big Green Conversation’ events during the campaign:

  • Weds 24th May: ‘Why Equality is Better for Everyone’, with Martin Wilkinson from the Equality Trust. De Koffie Pot, Hereford, 7.30pm.
  • Friday 2nd June: ‘Europe and the Environment’, with Jill Hanna from the European Commission.  The Burgage Hall, Ledbury, 7.30pm.

All are welcome to come along and discuss these key political issues in an informal, conversational atmosphere.

There will be election hustings in Leominster on Friday 12 May at 7pm, and in Ledbury (date tbc) – a good opportunity to grill the candidates on the issues you care about.

I’ll post weekly updates here on the website, but for daily updates please follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter – and help spread the word!  Thanks for your support.


Film on the Farm nights at Ledbury

Ledbury Greens were super-busy in the run-up to the 23 June referendum, with stalls and leafletting every weekend and some weekday evenings too – often working in cross-party partnership with other Remain campaigners.  After the bitter disappointment of the narrow victory for Leave, we’ve had a bit of a rest over the summer, but we’re back with a bang now with a new monthly ‘Film on the Farm’ night.  The plan is to combine food, entertainment, and discussion in a friendly social format.  Hope you can join us!

Diana Merry, 1920-2016

We are sad to report the death of a great Green pioneer – Diana Merry of Ledbury – one of the ‘founding mothers’ of the Green Party in our area.

Diana, who died aged 96, was resident at a nursing home with a good view of her former home Knapp House at Tunnel Lane, Ledbury, now home to her daughter Dilys and her family. In Diana’s time the house and its lovely garden was often the venue for enjoyable fundraising events for the Ecology Party, subsequently the Green Party. Diana helped promote the Greens at every opportunity. She could always be counted upon to turn up and support local, parliamentary and European Green candidates at local walk-abouts and events, and was a regular at party conferences.

Green Party county councillor Felicity Norman of Leominster, former parliamentary and European candidate, paid tribute at Diana’s funeral at Humber Woodland of Remembrance on August 2nd “I was very fond of Diana, who was great fun to be with,” said Felicity. “She was so wonderfully supportive through many elections, turning out to help with campaigning until quite recently. She was utterly consistent in her support for the party, sharing its principles and values over many years.”