Brian Lunt – died 3 October 2018

We were very sad to hear recently that Brian Lunt had died. Brian, a long time activist for the environment, peace and justice, was buried at Humber Woodland of Remembrance on Friday, surrounded by family and friends. Many shared happy memories of Brian at different times in his life, before moving on to Canon Frome Court, where he and the family had lived for many years, for refreshments.

For some of us who knew Brian for a long time, it was also the time and effort that he put into the Green Party that we remember. Brian was a life member of the party and at one time stood as Green parliamentary candidate for Hereford, focussing primarily on Climate Change, something he cared passionately about, recognising the threat it posed earlier than many. He also served as treasurer and fundraiser at different times. Many of us will remember with pleasure joining Brian and Sheila at Breinton for green walks and teas, and sharing lively discussions at other green gatherings over the years.

Brian was a much valued member of our green family and will be remembered with affection and gratitude.

Felicity Norman

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