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Brexit: we still have more in common

Now the Brexit dust is settling, what does it mean for Herefordshire?

The fact is, no-one knows, and we are left feeling a little confused and uncertain.

But we can start by refusing the label ‘divided society’, and celebrate what we have in common, our caring communities, our beautiful countryside, our public services.

We can engage in the decisions that affect our lives by keeping an eye on what our politicians are up to: in Westminster, voting for nuclear weapons and against fairer voting systems; locally, voting for a pointless road, not protecting our rivers from pollution, and cutting vital bus services (sorry – ‘savings’, not cuts!).

Politics shouldn’t be something done to us from London – voting on June 23rd was a political act, so let’s keep going! If we ‘want our country back’ let’s stop selling it off to big business; let’s not allow it to be blasted by fracking!

Since June 24th we know how it feels to participate in a democratic process where every vote counts. Wouldn’t it be nice if that applied to all elections? If you agree, join the growing movement for proportional representation, so that all our voices can be heard.

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