A-Level Fiasco

Herefordshire Greens are calling for the government to make it as easy and as rapid as possible for A-level students to appeal their results.

Councillor Felicity Norman, cabinet member for children and families said, “Although it is clear that many of our young people are pleased with their results, many others have been devastated to find that they have not achieved the grades they expected. The system used appears to have unfairly penalised already disadvantaged young people, while boosting the chances of those who are already privileged. Almost 40% have been downgraded by Ofqual. This cannot be right. We should trust the grades predicted by teachers who are most likely to have known their students’ capabilities.

Schools and colleges, pupils and teachers have already had an incredibly difficult summer, and face uncertainties in the future, without this flawed approach to replacing the exams they expected to sit. Government should now find ways of restoring the confidence and future opportunities of thousands of young people in Herefordshire and across the country”.

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