Unite for Europe

A new group called 48% Herefordshire in Europe is meeting regularly on Monday nights 6 – 7.15 ish at The Courtyard, Hereford.
Currently, the biggest thing to plan for is going to The Unite For Europe March on March 25th. We need to be out in force. At the moment it seems people would like to organise own transport / trains. So unless someone has urge to organise a mini bus, then let’s see each other there. As many as possible and hopefully with children.
Having attended The One Day Without Us event in High Town last night and having previously stood almost alone on Feb 1st infront of Houses of Parliament , I have to say direct action is life affirming.
The other thing is that we been asked if we would like to become a European Movement affiliate group. If you have a view, or want to see EM affiliation documents then email me polly@eastfriars.co.uk. For more news and support join our FB Group Herefordshire in Europe or come to The Courtyard on Mondays.

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