24 October – A Peace Train visits Leominster

October 24th is United Nations Day and, to celebrate the day, Transition Leominster is supporting Hereford Peace Council in a very special event. A designated train on the line from Chester to Newport will carry members and friends of the Peace Council as ambassadors to the government. They will be greeted at every station en route by groups of sympathisers to their message. And what is that message?

“ Sign the United Nations Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons”

Last year saw the fulfilment of the long standing aim of the UN when 122 countries agreed that nuclear weapons should be illegal and that the process should begin to eradicate them universally. They gave official recognition to the fact that nuclear weapons, whoever holds them, whether by purpose or accident, threaten the very existence of humanity.

The British Government has refused to sign the treaty.

At every station where the Peace Train stops, letters and petitions to the government will be handed over to those messengers on the train, to be carried from Newport to London and the House of Commons. Many groups along the line have responded to this call asking our government to take this step towards a more peaceful and secure world. Transition Leominster’s placards will be emphasising those essential elements of life which would benefit from transfer of the expenditure on Trident missiles – food security, water, health, education. Page 100 of the UNA-UK Sustainable Development Goals spells it out:

Peace is at the heart of sustainable development

The Peace Train is scheduled to stop in Leominster at 11.18 am on October 24th. All those in sympathy with the message are encouraged to write their own letter or sign the petition at the Community Centre or Priory Church, where there is more information. And to come to the station on the day in support.

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