Ellie Chowns Councillor news 24 June 2018

My next informal ward surgery will be on Monday 2 July from 10am to midday at Storridge Village Hall (NOT 25 June as previously advertised).

I’ll be at the Cradley Fete on Saturday 30 June of course, so if you’re not able to come to Storridge on Monday week, do catch me in Cradley this Saturday!

Very quick update: I’ve been pushing this week for Rectory Lane to get the attention it deserves i.e. proper resurfacing. The uneven surface is a real hazard for pedestrians and it’s such a shame that this short stretch of road – essential for access to the church and the village hall – is in such terrible condition. I’ve been putting pressure on Balfour Beatty, and have written to Cllr Barry Durkin (who is in charge of roads) to urge him to prioritise this in next year’s Forward Plan (which is the list of roads that will get proper attention, as opposed to just reactive patching). I gather that Balfour Beatty did a couple of patches on Friday and that local residents are not impressed So I’ve asked Cllr Durkin to come and have a look at the problems with me. I’ll keep you posted.

Ellie Chowns

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