24 February – help needed with tree planting at Lower Hardwick, nr Eardisland

At 2.30pm.                                                  (Also Sat 2nd and/or Sun 3rd March)

Please contact me (Di Palmer) for directions.   Parking in the next door farm yard – will be signed.

Tea, coffee, sandwiches, cakes etc. provided.

Last winter we managed to plant 1400 whips – a mixture of some that will grow on into woodland trees and the majority as hedging. 

During the summer only a handful of trees were lost in the drought but almost all the newly dug ponds dried up.  A few weeks ago the ponds were enlarged, some old drains removed and the largest pond puddled with clay.  Fingers crossed that they will fare better this coming summer.

In what remains of this winter we would like to get in as much as possible to thicken up the woodland edge with denser planting particularly of berried trees and shrubs to encourage birds.

Can anyone spare a few hours to help this year please?  Please let me know if you can come so we can put the trees ready and for catering numbers.

If anyone can’t make this coming Sunday 24th February, or 2nd, 3rd March, but would like to come and help at another time or would just like to come and see how it is going please give me a call to arrange a time. 

(Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd March.  Approximately 11am-1pm planting,  then  lunch -soup and ploughman’s , then 2-4pm planting,  then tea and cake.  There is no need to stay all day – you are welcome to just come for lunch and do an hour or two.)

Di Palmer

01544 388 840


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