LOCAL ELECTION UPDATE – Don’t Lose your vote!

Below are the key dates for the local elections in Herefordshire this May.

If you are going to be away on polling day or can’t get to your polling station during opening hours, you can arrange a postal vote, or a proxy vote by applying to Herefordshire Council. Detailed instructions on how to arrange postal and proxy voting are here

Help is available here for people with a disability.


Voter Registration application closes: Friday 12 April. Here is all you need to know

Deadline for new postal vote applications and proxy postal applications: 5pm Monday 15 April

Deadline for new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxy):  5pm Wednesday 24 April

First date voters can apply for emergency proxy: 5pm Wednesday 24 April

First date voters can apply for replacement of lost postal votes: 5pm Friday 26 April

POLLING DAY:  7.00am to 10.00pm Thursday 2 May

Last time that voters can apply for a replacement for spoilt or lost postal votes: 5pm Thursday 2 May

Deadline for emergency proxy applications: 5pm Thursday 2 May

‘Health Hub’ plan for Leominster town surgeries

Current congestion impacts on residents says Trish Marsh
Photo  – Chris Watson.

Green councillors are campaigning for substantial NHS investment in Leominster so the town’s cramped GP surgeries can relocate to a spacious new ‘Health Hub.’

A Project Board, which includes members from the two medical practices at Leominster’s Westfield Walk Health Centre, has identified a suitable site at Mill Street. The Green councillors – Jenny Bartlett, Trish Marsh and Felicity Norman – are working together with the fourth Leominster county councillor John Stone (Con), to drum up support and attract funding.

The existing Westfield health centre in the Leominster South Ward, where Trish Marsh is the local councillor, has outgrown its site resulting in problems. Said Trish: “Current facilities at both Westfield Walk surgeries are already 40 per cent below recommended space requirements for the town’s population. The surgeries’ location, lack of parking and traffic congestion has a negative effect on the town in general and local residents in particular.”

Pressures will greatly increase due to Herefordshire Council’s plans for major expansion of Leominster.  Your councillors are calling on NHS Property Services “to agree the outline business case and baseline calculations for Leominster’s requirements” –  and give the health hub the green light.