Herefordshire Badger Vaccination Group – help needed

Herefordshire Badger Vaccination Group needs more activists.

Many core members are getting older, and lugging heavy cages about and turning up at the crack of dawn to check them for badgers is not as easy as it used to be! We are looking for people who support this alternative to culling to help with bait setting, setting out and retrieving cages, checking them for inhabitants and assisting Melinda while she does the vaccinating (you will NOT have to do any vaccinating yourself).

If you are over 18, reasonably physically fit, can drive (ideally, but this is not essential) are willing to help with some or all of the tasks described and are able to offer a few hours a day for a week or so during the months of May, June and August next year, please get in touch. If you think you might be willing to train as a vaccinator, this would be particularly welcome. Melinda is our only qualified vaccinator and she has not been in good health. She is very keen to find people to help her and to take over if she is unable to carry on or manage all the work herself.

Just to be clear, this is for love, not money, nobody in the group is paid and we fund raise for all our costs (sound familiar ?).

Please contact Anne on 07854 316227 or email to find out more if you think you might be able to help, even for just a few days. If you are unable to offer time, but would like to make a donation towards the cost of vaccine, (it is currently £47 per Badger!) that would be very welcome too. Thank you!

Ellie outside Parliament - let's put her in it!

ELLIE wins Bishop’s Frome & Cradley by-election

A remarkable result, representing a 14% swing from the Conservatives who had held the seat in 2015 in a two way contest.

Ellie Chowns, Green Party: 471
Conservative: 299
Lib Dem: 251
Labour: 19

Herefordshire now has FOUR Green County councillors.


Caroline Lucas tweeted: Absolutely brilliant news! Huge congratulations to the wonderful Ellie Chowns who will make a fantastic Green councillor.
Jonathan Bartley: Fantastic result!



Natalie Bennett: Something to celebrate.




 Hereford Times coverage mentioned the support given by It’s Our County : The Greens gained a bonus in this month’s by-election when the It’s Our County party publicly came out in support of Dr Chowns and joined her campaign. “I would like to thank IOC for backing me – like-minded campaigners should work together whenever they can,” she said.

The Canary, reporting on Ellie’s victory said, amid the political shake up the Conservative Party suffered a major upset.”

Political Scrapbook said, “Theresa May will be turning green quicker than her party’s council seats this morning as she hears the news of another by-election defeat.

The Tories last night lost their 16th council by-election defence since June’s general election in particularly embarrassing circumstances.

The latest capitulation came in the Bishops Frome and Cradley ward of the North Herefordshire constituency”


Ellie Chowns, the Green Party candidate in the current Herefordshire Council by-election is working hard to reach voters and win back a seat formerly held by the Greens.

Ellie is standing for election at Bishop’s Frome & Cradley, a large rural ward which straddles the A4103 Hereford to Worcester Road around Fromes Hill.

For many years, even before Herefordshire Council was set up, the area was represented by Councillor Guy Woodford, a ‘founding father’ of the Ecology Party/Green Party. In 2007 under the slogan ‘Vote Blue, Get Green’ the Conservatives mounted a successful campaign to unseat Guy.

Guy, 82, who lives in the ward at Acton Beauchamp and teaches art at Malvern Hills College has come out of ‘political retirement’ to help the Green Party regain his old seat.

“Ellie Chowns is like a breath of fresh air,” said Guy. “She is very high energy and in her element when she is talking to residents. She will make an excellent local councillor.”

Said Ellie: “I am really enjoying chatting to voters on the doorstep.  It’s been very encouraging – lots of people of all political backgrounds are planning to vote Green in this election because they like what we stand for!”

Ellie is competing with Tory, Lib Dem and Labour candidates. Polling takes place on Nov 23.


It’s Our County supports Ellie Chowns in Bishops Frome and Cradley by-election

Good news!  The press release below from IOC confirms they are standing aside in favour of Ellie Chowns.

Ellie contested the seat in May 2015, the sole challenger to Conservative Patricia Morgan, and captured 31% of the vote. This time both Labour and Lib Dems are also standing, but they have a poor record in recent by-elections (last and last-but-one in King’s Acre, and last in Golden Valley South).

Ellie is the only viable non-Tory candidate.


It’s Our County supports Ellie Chowns in council by-election

It’s Our County, Herefordshire’s own independent party, is not standing a candidate in the Bishops Frome and Cradley by-election. IOC believes that Ellie Chowns is an impressive and very capable candidate.  

“We do not want to risk splitting the vote for Ellie by standing one of our own prospective candidates in the ward. For the same reason, IOC also didn’t stand a candidate against Peter Jinman in the recent by-election in Golden Valley South, which Peter won with a large majority,” said group leader Cllr Anthony Powers. “It makes sense for the opposition parties on Herefordshire Council to work together in this way and we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to consensus politics to deliver the best outcomes for Herefordshire,” he added.

Cllr Felicity Norman, chairwoman of North Herefordshire Green Party, said: “We warmly welcome IOC support for Ellie Chowns. This is in line with our view that like-minded campaigners need to work together whenever possible.”