20 October – Brexit People’s Vote March in London

Coaches are being organised to take people from Hereford and Ledbury as follows:

Hereford coach leaves Merton Meadows car park at 6.30AM.

Ledbury coach leaves Ledbury station car park at 7.00AM

For Hereford, the organisers say – “A ”FREE” coach will be leaving Hereford at 6.30am on the 20th, and this is targeted primarily (but not exclusively) at students and young people. In order to book a place please email Herefordshire@4eu.org.uk. We are asking students to pay £10 to secure their place and this will be refunded on arrival at the coach. In order to book places we need full name, mobile number and next of kin details. Free places are also available for non students.”

Seats on the Ledbury coach are £20 each. Contact Herefordshire@4eu.org.uk or suepenn@outlook.com

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  1. I am driving down on the Thursday night and coming straight back after the march, I have three spare seats for people in N Hfds area.

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