2 Nov. Talk “Greening Malvern – lessons from Greening Stroud”

From Jackie Smethurst at Malvern Hills Green Party:
thumbnail of A5 Flyer Pickering TalkDr Simon Pickering (Stroud Green Party) will give a talk titled, ‘Greening Malvern – lessons from Greening Stroud’
Although he is talking about their whole strategy and successes, a particular interest in Malvern is Stroud’s success with food waste collection and its use in an anaerobic digester to produce gas (fed back to the grid), and digestate (spread on local farms as fertiliser) to produce more food. An excellent example of the circular economy in action and potentially hot topic here in Malvern Hills District next Spring, when we move to fortnightly bin collections with no plans for food waste collection.
There are plenty other things that Stroud have achieved that will be of interest to fellow Greens across the region – hence our warm invitation to you to please join us!
Free Entry, refreshments will be available from 7.00pm

Time Talk 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

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