Ellie Chowns – phase 2 of the A4103 resurfacing

On 29 March, I presented a petition signed by 275 ward residents to Cllr Barry Durkin (Herefordshire Council’s cabinet member for roads) regarding phase 2 of the A4103 resurfacing. Phase 1 caused an enormous amount of disruption last year, and I urged Cllr Durkin to ensure that Phase 2 is handled much better.

Many residents have asked that a traffic light system be used instead of full road closure, or that closures be done at night if they are absolutely essential. I can understand that Hfds Council want to use the funding that has been allocated for the resurfacing, and that some disruption is unfortunately inevitable, but it’s essential that lessons are learned from last time and that individuals (especially roadside businesses) are not unfairly affected.


  1. Personally I think Hereford’s roads are a disgrace! They are an accident waiting to happen. Yes everybody should take some responsibility and slow down, take longer for their journeys etc But I have had to swerve to avoid oncoming traffic on numerous occasions lately when they have been trying to avoid potholes.

    It is vital that roads are repaired and re-surfaced properly and on a regular basis. If that means a little temporary inconvenience then so be it. Far better that than someone losing their life unnecessarily and what that puts their loved ones and friends through.

    Believe me when I say it’s no fun going through the grief of losing a loved one in a road crash and the state of our roads is truly putting people’s lives in danger.

  2. Hello Karen. Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you that maintenance and repair are essential, for exactly the reasons you mention – road safety – and it’s actually been the main thing I have been campaigning on locally in recent months.

    I haven’t met anyone who objects to the A4103 being resurfaced! What really upset people in my ward – especially the roadside businesses – was the way that it was so badly handled. Of course, roadworks will always cause some disruption, but it seems unfair that some unlucky people should have had to bear so much of the cost as individuals.

    I very much hope that Hfds Council will have learned the lessons from last time and will manage and communicate about Phase 2 much better.

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